Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, I'm struggling with this blog again. This time, though, it's because it is linked to an old email account, one that is being swamped with about 100 emails at a time. I can't deal with it all! If anyone knows how I can swap it over to my new email address, I'd be very grateful. I don't want to forward my emails from one to the other because the first one has the aforesaid junk that I can't wade through any more.

A lot of those emails are financially tuned, and they are full of bad news due to the taxation issues presented by this lovely bail-out plan. I cannot deal with it. A bunch of the others are dealing with the effects of other of Obama's lovely plans that will infringe on religious rights of doctors and families. I can't deal with that either. I have things that I can affect much more effectively at home but are seeming overwhelming sometimes too. I look ahead and pray for leaders who can bring us through this mess, and find some real solutions that don't include bankrupting this country. I pray I can teach my children and help them to think things through clearly. That's mind boggling enough for me. Pray for me because right now I want to cry.

I've thought so often lately that when the Constitution can no longer protect the family, the people will suffer. I am concerned that we are building another Civil War. Undue taxation has always built revolt, and that is what we are building. When we stop safeguarding the family, the civilization is on its way out.

Our freedom lies in the principles embodied in the Constitution; it was built with wisdom beyond any man. We must return to it. We must read it. We must get familiar with what it says. And then we must act to throw out every single person from the government who is not protecting and abiding by the principles in the Constitution. The principles work. They have worked through the ages, and they still work. It is us who have forgotten. Truth is truth no matter what. There is the famous quotation that has gone around and around, "You can't break the commandments; you can only break yourself against them." Another truth.

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