Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it worth the struggle? (not a dire post)

After about an hour of struggling with my daughter to get her ready for school, I finally got her there.  She was all,  "I don't want to go!  Why can't you unenroll me?"  

Picking her up?  Much happier.  I asked her to remember that next week when she goes, and she said, "Okay.  (pause)  Well, I'll try."

This happens every single day she goes to public school.  No exceptions. 

Today the bribe was that we would go to the zoo after she got out of school.  That greased the works and she finally got ready.  (Normally there are no bribes.)

The zoo was nice.  Hot.  Too hot for March.  I hope we aren't in for a dry year.


Jen said...

Has it gotten any better?

LeeAnn said...

We had a pretty good chat about it, and she has cut down the complaining. I think it has something to do with what she is involved with before she goes to school (and if I make her shower.)

I have wondered if it would be easier if she went for the whole day, but I'm not optimistic. She is not a morning girl. She will leap out of bed if she hears her Daddy on his way out the door, but then she likes to stay in her jammies for awhile. "Hurry" is not a word in her vocabulary.