Saturday, March 17, 2012

March update

This has been a very strange year.  We started the year with all three kids in school, requiring the boys to back up a grade so they could fit into the public school mold.  Within one quarter, we pulled Twin B out.  The drama wasn't worth it.  The next quarter, Twin A started showing signs of extreme stress and anger issues.  We pulled him out at Christmastime.

At that point, our daughter became extremely angry that she was still in school.  She wanted to come back home last summer but we didn't let her because she was doing so well.  I realized I was cutting off my foot to spite my face--the message we were sending was that you had to stay until your grades suffered or your self-image shattered.  That wasn't the intentional message.  The reality was that they were all put into school for selfish reasons.  I wanted to lower my stress.  When it backfired, I was ticked.

It has taken 3 months but anger issues are under control again.  The kids get along most of the time.  All three are reading 100% more than they were before.  I am experimenting with Thomas Jefferson style of  education (mentoring) because I HATE being the expert teacher standing up in front of the class, pouring knowledge into their noggins.  Face it; I have too many off days when I just want to say, "Do your work. Do something to enrich your life long term."

We have reverted to one language in the house (Spanish) using Mango Languages which is free through the library, Kahn Math which is free online, and a wide variety of books to read and discuss which are not free.  We just started reading some math history books and I have a line-up of about 40 math classics which I'm excited about reading.  The boys take a Constitutional-style class online and our daughter uses an Ancient History course of study that I used with the boys. Finally, I'm looking for some good computer programming approaches since our sons are keenly interested in website design.     

In the meantime, we're progressing toward moving.  We think we know where we're moving, but we're looking at another house today.  That might have some possibilities.  Owning has decided advantages as well as disadvantages.  We'll see.  It will be nice to get settled.  All three kids will be performing in the Kansas City Temple dedication's Cultural Celebration at the first of May and then we'll move.


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