Monday, January 7, 2008

New year

Here we are, 7 days into the new year, and I haven't posted since mid-December! We have had guests since before Christmas and loving it! My parents arrived in time for my daughter's birthday and Christmas and then my in-laws came in time for her baptism. (She is 8 years old.) It makes me appreciate the familial support that we often take for granted.

Tonight made me appreciate calm weather again. We had a series of 4 severe storms roll through in about 3 hours with tornado warnings. Some touchdowns too, but none around us! Friends were on the road trying to get home to their children and dodging fallen trees and fire crews all over! They arrived safely though as another storm rolled through. They lost power due to a touchdown, but that's all. Makes one appreciate all the Lord's tender mercies!

As far as weather goes, it has been an odd year. A week ago I hung out our laundry because there was a reasonable wind blowing, and I brought in frozen clothing that afternoon. I literally had to wrench some of the clothes off the line because it had frozen solidly around the rope! Then today we were in the 70s with tornadoes threatening! We continue to be protected, for which I am grateful.

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