Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's snowing!

I was going to blog earlier about how funny drivers around here are. People were rescheduling gymnastics classes where my daughter attends although I couldn't figure out why. The roads were wet, I grant, and a little snow actually stuck to the yards. Then my husband had to drive an hour away to hook someone up to the computer network that couldn't make it into the office because of snow. (It's end of month and those reports which she was responsible for were due). I guess I'm showing my Utah roots because I don't understand that! I drove an hour following two tire tracks in the snow many times because you didn't call in sick/vacation just because it snowed! You didn't get that much vacation!

However, it is snowing again. Since it's later in the day and more will probably accumulate, I expect the roads might be worse in the morning. Enough so that I could understand that individual not coming to work tomorrow morning. Snow here is awfully wet (translating to ice). I'm still shaking my head over today though.

Evening: My prediction was accurate. The snow is sticking and could very well be making for a miserable commute tomorrow! I discovered I need an ice scraper! My hand was freezing by the time I got my windows cleared---where are my gloves? There are few cars on the road now!


Mrs. Darling said...

Here they shut down school at the first snowflake. The natives, including myself, have no idea how to drive in snow!

Happy face said...

I'm told they used to get more snow here. I've also been told that the first few snowstorms are worse and then people settle into the groove of it. Since we haven't had more than a few storms per season since we moved here, I don't know. . . .