Friday, February 1, 2008

Beautiful Friday

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is out, the roads are clear, and it's a little warmer than the past several days. The pretreatment they gave the roads last night in preparation for the second "wind" of the snowstorm paid off, and the roads cleared up very nicely. Last night, it snowed solidly, leaving about 2 - 3 inches of snow on the roads. Coming home from the library was iffy because I didn't know if it was slippery and frankly, didn't care to find out. Very little traffic was out though so it was no big deal.

This morning, the kids took turns working on the computer and practicing the piano, and then they begged to watch William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Then off to taekwondo for the boys and then my daughter begged to shovel the driveway (and the yard it turns out.) Gotta love it! I love Fridays!

Help me give my daughter a "blog name". She's cute, she's fun, and she wants to be like Mom one minute and like her brothers the next. Oh, yes, she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger---all to the good! Did I mention she is helpful? She is.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Hmmm how about:

Mommy's Little Helper

Surviving Brothers

Stealing Daddy's Heart

Jen said...

She's very cute. Sounds like you had a great Friday!

Happy face said...

Yes, we did have a great Friday! Thanks for the happy thought!

I also liked the names. They are appropriate! :-)