Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Literature group and Internat'l Fair

Today is sunny and warm at least inside the windows where the sun streams in. The kids are feeling better (the boys were sick and in bed yesterday), and all the kids were focused on their homework. They are all outside having recess to celebrate.

Shaundra was the only one able to go to the literature group and show their travel brochure for the book My Father's Dragon. S-Man had drawn a map with various "amusement park-type" rides taken from the ideas in the book. It was very creative and a big hit with the boys in the group, especially Bubblegum Patch. It was an enjoyable time. J-Dawg and S-Man, unfortunately, were home sleeping. You know he's sick when S-Man lays quietly. He is very active normally.

After lunch, we're headed to the library for more materials on Argentina. I'm debating buying a map, but I think a salt-dough map would be a lot more fun. I've never actually done one, and I feel deprived! :-) I know the kids would enjoy it more! We have to put together a display for an International Fair next week.

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Mrs. Darling said...

I keep saying we're doing a saltdough map of Poland and I never get to it. I too think it sounds like fun!