Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A real blog post!

Here's a link of pictures my husband has taken.

The kids went to a class sponsored by the Missouri Society of Engineers and learned about building bridges. Hubby got it loaded on his computer, but it bogged down on mine. He’s still trying to figure out why since we both run Windows Vista.

The boys will be viewing the lunar eclipse tomorrow night at Scouts. Way cool! They have been drawing the moon for the last several nights in preparation for their merit badge lock in on Friday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on both nights!!!!!! We need temperate weather; no clouds. No ice!!! They are also working on a paper about a national monument. That’s not going so well. They aren’t too impressed with the need. :-( (Citizenship in the Nation merit badge)

Hubby fixed the electical outlet for the computer . . . and shorted out half the living room! Apparently they wired the office area and half the half the living room in a series from the office outlet. Hubby’s not a swearing man, but it was close! We have a new floor lamp that is plugged into the only outlet still working. It throws off enough light for the room, thankfully, and it’s between the chair the kids use to read in and the piano. Let's just say, "Hello electrician!" Argh! One more reason to build our own home.

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh No! I hope the electrical problem gets fixed soon.