Friday, February 22, 2008

Merit badge race

My kids were working on their Boy Scout Citizenship in the Nation merit badge, and one of the requirements was to read 5 days worth of the front page news and discuss it with their counselor. Now that we have finished, I would highly recommend using something other than the Wall Street Journal. That's the paper we take so that's the paper we used, but it was probably a little more difficult than they were ready for. They read each article several times and still didn't really understand it. The dictionary got quite a workout though! Next time, we'll stick with the evening news. Sound bites would probably have been much easier!

Of course, they also pushed it off to the last day so today was the day. They had been researching a national monument as well, but they hadn't written their reports. I helped one with the presentation of the Jefferson Memorial (we did a lap book), but my other son wasn't able to finish his. Too bad because he actually had done more research! We simply ran out of time. (Literally! I was doing about 70 mph up the driveway to the house where the lock in was being held. It was kind of fun to speed through like that though. LOL) Long driveway. The good part is that I don't think they will wait for the last day again!

I'm off to figure out what time I need to pick the boys up. Somewhere around 11 or 12 tonight, I think.

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