Monday, February 11, 2008

Good idea and new reality

Here's a good idea I ran across via How to Change the World. How cool is that!

Here we are at Monday, and I am gearing up to make a reading guide for my boys' history reading.

I am also gearing up to send my daughter to school next year.

The first task excites me more than the second. The school idea is going to have a serious impact on our lives. We had been talking about going to see family this fall, but I don't think 3-4 weeks off from public school will go over very big. The boys will be mowing lawns this summer and doing everything Scouting so this summer won't work either. Neither will a spring vacation because my daughter needs to take the standardized test this May. So far, losing her gymnastics class hasn't phased her. Shucks.

Sigh. We have truly been spoiled.

P.S. We've got about a half inch of ice pellets and thunder outside. Hot chocolate, anybody?


Mrs. Darling said...

Why are you sending your daughter to public school? I have nothing against it but I was wondering how you came to that decision.

Happy face said...

Why? I'm not totally sure.

1. She has dearly wanted to go ever since Kindergarten although except for that year, she has accepted it.

2. I can't afford private school.

3. I haven't been able to connect her enough with other girls her age.

4. My husband and I think she will do well.

5. The biggest factor: She wants the experience. Her curiosity about school is immense. (She has forgotten that the large co-op we belonged to a year ago was something she hated.)

Do you have any suggestions for overcoming #5? I'm working on #3.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Hot Chocolate sounds divine :) !!

Heather said...

We're on the opposite end of the public school experience. My boys were in public school until 3 years ago, so they have experienced it - and never want to go back. Although, my oldest and I were talking about that subject last night. He does get bored at home sometimes and says he gets a little too much together time with his younger brother (they're just 2 1/2 years apart) but says he never wants to go back to school. He did say he's glad he had the experience though because so many homeschoolers have always been homeschooled and have nothing to compare it to. He didn't fit well in school, so homeschooling was a great alternative. We have neighbors though who always homeschooled and have sent their two oldest back to school, and they've done really well and are very happy.

Wishing you all the best as you get prepared for the big chance. =)