Friday, February 29, 2008

Daily events

Sad news. Another girl close to my daughter's age in her homeschool gymnastics class is quitting. The other girls haven't been there lately, and they are much older so now I'm in a quandary over what to do. There is a 4:30 class with girls her age, but that is right before dinner. To translate, that's when I'm sprinting to get dinner going. She was also saying she'd rather switch to swimming, and the swimming class would be that much later (dinnertime). It seems nothing is easy. So perhaps we'll stay in the homeschool gymnastics class for another month and then switch her into swimming. That would still be in the morning but out of flu season.

I have been really surprised at how well my boys are settling into doing their workbooks lately. Even when they complain, they still get it done with minimal fuss. If I can manage to get them to slow down a little (esp. S-man), they tend to get most of it right. Always before, we did lots of group work/white board work because they fought me so hard on workbooks. It seems the boys are growing up. I think I recently commented on that; if so, my apologies for repeating it.

Shaundra lives to go outdoors so she has always been good about doing her workbooks unless she thinks she can slip outdoors unseen. Today she built a house and garden in the backyard by shaping fallen limbs around just so. My husband has dragged most of them back to the corner, but everything is far too wet to try cutting them up.

This year, we need to get the piles of longer lengths cut up so we only have one size of logs---stove size. I think my husband wants to build a woodshed so we aren't having to tarp the wood during the winter. Given that we get a fair amount of wind, that would be very nice.


Mrs. Darling said...

Theres a lot of good learning in playing outdoors!!

Im going to be signing Peter up for swimming next term too. Sorry about the girls quitting. That makes it so hard on the others!

Happy face said...

Yes, there is Mrs. Darling! And lots of good, healthy sunshine and exercise too! (Not to mention quiet indoors for mom.) :-)

Lei said...

I admire you and all mothers who homeschool. I'm not real confident that I'd be good at it but toy with the idea a lot!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy face said...

Lei, from what I read about you in your blog, you are a definite achiever! As I'm sure you know from your other endeavors, confidence comes from the doing, and I wouldn't really peg myself as a very confident person! I question myself a lot, but I'm trying to stop that and be satisfied with my decisions once I've made them. It's tricky though, isn't it?