Monday, February 18, 2008

I just received this quote, and thought it was really neat and very fitting.

"The Lord gave us parents to help us through at least three of those stages-in infancy to care for our babyhood needs; in childhood to
provide us with direction, food, clothing, and a home; in adolescence to counsel us and prepare us for adulthood. The Lord is all-wise. It was he who gave us parents. It was he who made them our guardians. He is our parent himself-our Father in Heaven. Should we pit our wisdom against his? Then let us fit into his plan of salvation: His way of life provides for happy home life, for loving care from parents, for a willingness on the part of young people to
be taught, and for a partnership of parent and child leading to the eventual success of the child." (Teachings of Howard W. Hunter, p. 116)

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Jen said...

That is a great quote, thanks for sharing it.