Saturday, March 1, 2008

Organizing clothes and other stuff: UPDATED

It's amazing what I can do while my sons are gone! I have cleaned out their dresser drawers and discovered that we need to go shopping--for t-shirts, that is. They always need pants, so that's nothing new. I have also verified that they have plenty of underwear and socks. They also have about twice as many ties as I thought they had. I think they have every tie they have ever been given! The other day, they were complaining that they were out of socks so it was a relief to know I wasn't going crazy---they really do have plenty unless they wear three pairs a day apiece (which they have been doing.)

Then I went into my daughter's shirt drawer. It's the one that barely shuts, and we weeded out a few basically brand new shirts of hers that she has never worn. She was amazed with what she had! Unless I put some away last fall though, she needs some short-sleeved shirts for summer. I need to search my closet---that's usually where I stash out-of-season clothes.

It was good to get that done. It has needed to be done for awhile. Now I'm off to my next project!

UPDATED: My next project was the garage. The place where we seem to dump everything we know not what to do with. I knew it had gone too far when we tripped over boxes on the way out the door without turning any lights on. It turned out most of those boxes were empty, but the spare TV wasn't helping matters any. Then I swept out all the leaves that have blown in over the course of the winter, and then pulled out my trusty vacuum to get any bug that may have had dreams of setting up housekeeping. Can I just say that our cars are thoroughly enjoying the cleanliness? It is such a treat to look out there now and actually see the floor! Now we just need to find a place to put my desk and organize my husband's toolbox, and it will look totally fabulous! I don't know if others' husbands are like mine, but nobody else organizes his tools. Gotta love these warm days for spring cleaning!


Mrs. Darling said...

Yep, I hear ya! When I clean out the kids drawers I am no longer amazed at where the money goes! LOL Clothes, clothes, clothes!

Happy face said...

Isn't that the truth!

Jim said...

I must confess that the garage looks great! I'll take the boys out more often!