Sunday, March 16, 2008

A nod to homeschooling by CBS and more

I just received this link from several directions at once. Think there is a message in here I'm supposed to receive?! I'm currently reading A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion, by Oliver and Rachel DeMille and Diann Jeppson. I have already read Thomas Jefferson Education, by Oliver DeMille as well as heard him speak. However, I'm definitely wanting to reread it so it's on my wish list.

Here's an interesting link tying autism and childhood vaccinations together. Interesting and definitely indicative of a need for a lot more research and much more restraint. A long time ago, a researcher from Utah State University recommended that the current hype about vaccinations before age 2 was out of line. He highly recommended having a full blood test run before administering any vaccinations to be sure the child was in full health. He did not recommend skipping out from vaccinating children, just to take the precaution of the blood test and to wait until children were older to administer the shots.

Another neat blog I just found. The latest (as of right now) entry is a Carnival of Principled Government, A Few Questions. There are some links on the sidebar to Updates on NE LB 1141 that are a good read. I was especially interested in this post about why Why Object to Testing that came at just the right time for me. While you're there, continue reading previous posts. They're good. Make sure you check out the links too. All of them. It's worth it.

Here's another one that I'm too tired to follow all the links for. It supports the question every child asks about math: When will I need this stuff?


Jen said...

I use math all the time as a SAHM when dealing with our investments and finances. Not overly difficult math, but math nonetheless. When I was working, I used statistics every single day in my job.

I remember a kid telling the teacher he would never need math because he was going to be so rich that he could hire someone to do it for him. The teacher said, "then how will you know if your employee isn't ripping you off?"

Happy face said...

Great answer! I agree, the husband or wife that cannot follow a checkbook at the very least is in sooo much trouble!