Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Best and worst financial decisions

This post has nothing to do with homeschooling, at least not directly, but I thought it was a really good post. I actually found it through About: Frugal Living. This post talks about her best and worst financial decisions, both of which I heartily agree with. We didn't make their worst mistake, but I have seen it made too many times. We have made their best choice, and obviously agree that our choice for me to stay home has been a very wise choice even though it was not what the world would have told us to do. (At the time, I out-earned my husband although he has long since eclipsed that amount.)


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I, too, was making more than my husband at the time that I decided to stay home. It was a tough call but one I've never regretted.

Jen said...

It's hard to not second guess yourself on things like this! I'm glad you are content with your choices, that's a hard place to find for sure.