Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring break?

My plans for educating the young 'uns through the public school's spring break got derailed. We are having a torrential monsoon season here, and our roof sprang a leak. After belly crawling through the attic to be sure of the leak's location, the kids and I went up and tarped the roof over the roof air vent's flashing. Because there is a roof change just a few feet up, we were able to stop the water from getting in. Woot!

The news was not so good for friends. Just as we settled in to some Ancient History, the phone rang with an SOS from them. Their basement was flooding---and they were looking for shop-vacs or anything else to help get rid of the water. We drove to another friend's home for a large shop vac, passing many flooded flood plains. When we arrived at the flooded home, we found that they had given up on it and just opened the back door for the water to sweep out. When I got out of my car and stepped briefly on their lawn, my foot sank a couple of inches. The ground is that saturated! As far as they can tell, the water in their basement is groundwater.

We are so blessed to only have a roof leak that can be tarped!

This storm isn't supposed to let up until tomorrow morning. How I hope it ends sooner!


Mrs. Darling said...

Stay safe.

Im trying to school through the spring break too but Tink is fighting me every inch of the way! Its not easy!

Happy face said...

Now, please nobody tell my kids that the next town over is having spring break next week!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh no! Please say that it has stopped and that you had a sunshiney Easter. We had basement flooding in NY and it was so awful.

Happy face said...

It did stop raining and the sun came out! Not only that, the rainy forecast for the weekend did not come true!!! Our friends bought a large dehumidifier to help them dry out their basement and borrowed ours, and they are just about there! Woot! (We still have a tarp over our roof leak, but hopefully we'll be able to get that fixed soon!

Jen said...

That's crazy! Glad you are OK and that the rain stopped. I hope you had a nice easter!