Monday, March 3, 2008

Piano practicing---ugh says son

We have had a most exciting morning---sike. The forecast was ugly so I ran errands while the boys were in taekwondo. Forecasters are calling for somewhere between 6-12" of snow, but like one noted, the last time they did that, we got whopping 2". That was in December.

J-Dawg is practicing the piano for Festival. Can I just tell you how thrilled (not!) he is about that? He keeps insisting that he didn't want to sign up for this class. He probably didn't, and I don't blame him. The songs are awful, and he has playing them since October-ish. They are actually supposed to be duets so why he's doing them for a judged competition, I do not know. He's pretty tired of it---just until Saturday though. Then I propose to give him a new piece for his recital so none of us ever have to hear Cars or Whoop-de-doo again! I really do feel for him, but how much do I let show?

I don't remember National Guild being so boring. At his stage, I had to prepare about a dozen songs for judging. Even if I had the songs awhile, there were many to practice. Even my sister, with longer pieces, had at least a half dozen.

Once he is done, our school day really begins.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Good luck with the recital. Poor kid. I can see how he would be sick of it! LOL