Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I just spent some time watching the chefs on the math link I posted last night. Let me warn you that you shouldn't watch it when you are hungry! I didn't think I was hungry, but I am now!

Hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's Day! We spent it with friends so it was very nice. Green ham, hot rolls, and reunion potatoes (also called funeral potatoes). Yummy. I just realized I left the beans in the microwave. Sigh. I need a microwave that has a very loud, very obnoxious buzzer! I am a cook that can walk out of the kitchen for a minute and totally forget I was cooking. There must be a cure out there somewhere. Yesterday we had a roast. I put it in the oven to broil for a few minutes, and my husband sniffed as he left the house and asked if I had taken it out. Thankfully it started frozen so it was okay. Then I put it in the crock pot to cook while we were at church and forgot to press START. Obviously, dinner was a little late.

We have also been reading scriptures and stories to go along with the week before Easter. We started the tradition last year and are really enjoying comparing the four gospels accounts of the Savior's last week before his crucifixion and resurrection. We used to do it on Easter, but it is more meaningful to do it for the whole week before Easter.

One of the things we post is a big piece of paper like we packed out things in when we moved. It is an LOA (Love One Another) chart. The idea is that everyone writes kind notes to each other in the family throughout the week on it. The kids really enjoy checking it! Tonight, we drew "secret pals" where each person drew a name out of a bowl, and they are to do things that the Savior would do toward that person. The idea is to remain anonymous, and then we'll share our experiences on Easter Sunday. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week!

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