Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting back on track

Hello! I have been struggling with the computer screen lately. I don't know if it's too bright, or if I'm too tired, or if my prescription is too weak, but lately my eyes have not wanted to look at the screen. It has seriously limited my screen time. (Too tired is a serious possibility. My bedtimes have gotten later and later, and the nights that I get to bed at a more reasonable hour, I wake up early thinking I need to be industriously employed with grading papers, working on lesson plans, reading books, cleaning house, putting away clutter, etc.

We struggled for about a week (the same week so many were posting so many wonderful things about homeschooling) with getting everything done, but I think we are back on track now.

J-Dawg was not feeling well today---it's not a good sign when he misses taekwondo and Scouts. His piano lesson was today too so I chose to take his little sister instead of writing off this week's lesson. I think she really enjoyed it. His teacher wraps it up at the end of April and takes the summer off so there isn't really that much time left. It seems very strange to take the summer off from piano. I never did growing up. His recital happens in 1 1/2 weeks so the stimulus to practice will be gone after that. Right now he is committed to finishing out April, but he's making no promises to continue next year. This is one thing I'll not push overly hard on. Piano is supposed to be a privilege, and that stops when I "make" him do it.

We just printed off some flyers advertising the boys' services to mow lawns. I think we have priced it very reasonably, especially since some people paid them more for half their yard last year. Now we need to distribute the flyers. We were going to do it today, but I postponed it since James was out of it. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy I think so maybe we'll hit it on Friday. We think it is important that they pay for their taekwondo tests (and especially extra tournaments) and Scout camps themselves---to say nothing of learning to save for future endeavors.

My husband just told me he needs to reset the wireless router, so I'm off for the night. (I'm taking it as a good excuse to go to bed. It doesn't take that long to reset the router---I think a quick off and on.)

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