Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today and what we do every day

I just learned that the girls that have Shaundra's gymnastics class are quitting at the end of this month. They will just be coming to the open time on Fridays. Dang! I value the lessons, and there are no instructors for the free play time. However, I think I might sign my boys up for the swimming portion. They need to earn their swimming merit badges for Boy Scouts, and must know their different strokes to do it.

Right now, Language Arts and Math are our areas of major emphasis. Each of my children is working out of at least 2 math books and 2 language arts books. I use Singapore Math and the Abeka Language as the backbone of those subjects.

All three have an American Education Publishing Maps and Geography (grades 3-6) book too. Right now, they are working with map symbols and room layouts as it pertains to a north/south/east/west orientation. (A side benefit is learning to pay attention to the directions!)

History studies happen naturally in our home so I haven't particularly stressed it in the last few months. The kids naturally study various historical subjects, possibly because our home library includes so many books pertaining to the subject. I'm always picking up books pertaining to the subject too! We often have discussions (and arguments) about the various topics. They are constantly quizzing each other about world and U.S. geography and U.S. presidents. Some of my "what the heck" purchases have been amazingly good at creating interest, including U.S. and world, sign language, and presidential place mats along with several decks of Brain Quest cards.

Today, I showed the kids what they needed to complete before we would be done for the year. I think that was a huge motivator! (My one exception will be math. I am not going to take a 3-month break in a subject that has been a struggle for 2 of the 3 children!) Tomorrow, I'll share what I'm planning for next year.

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