Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm feeling mind boggled by science and realizing how closely tied science and math are. My sons are not doing algebra yet so that is limiting our options somewhat.

While I have the Apologia text, I think I might swing back to the original idea of doing Janice Van Cleave's Biology. That would make my non-scientific life ever so much easier!!!

It would cut down the boys' textbook load too. That could be a plus. Maybe make the Apologia text extra credit???

I only listed my sons' curriculum for next year in the previous post. Here is Jewell's list:

Jamestown Heritage Readers (Reading)
Abeka: The History of Our United Sates
Rod and Staff: Building with Diligence
Scripture Study for Latter-Day Saint Families
Janice Van Cleave's Biology for Every Kid
Discovery Education (for Science)

Why do I think I'm missing something?

Does anyone have experience with Rod and Staff? I've never used it, but it has been highly recommended to me, and I like their texts. Also, I'm wide open to recommendations for Science.

P.S. In my search for a link to Janice Van Cleave's book, I found the Discovery link with lesson plans (and course descriptions.) I think that might our direction for the year. Not quite as limiting.

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