Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is here!

Hello! Spring is here, and the temperatures are rising very quickly! We have a long-haired dog that needs to shed! Our kids are looking forward to summer and the freedom it brings to run and play without regard to coats and bundling.

Co-op is wrapping up as well. My daughter is dancing in the elementary grades' musical. She is very happy to stop listening to Parablelooza soon. My sons are still working on papers and worksheets for their classes. I think one forgot about a paper for Speech. Oops! Hopefully next week won't be too late.

I am busily studying Teaching a Generation of Leaders, A Thomas Jefferson Education for the Twenty-First Century, by Oliver Van DeMille. That will be my model for high school, I think. I have really been struggling with how to finish off with a bang that will prepare my sons for college and life, and I was led to picking that up again on Sunday. I have some work to do in preparation for it though!

I'm also going to be busy preparing for an American Government class I will be teaching this fall in co-op. Unfortunately, my sons aren't old enough for the class, but they will be studying with me here at home. I plan to use many of the TJEd principles in this class so it will be a natural fit, I think.

Now I must hurry and get lunch before we leave for co-op. Love you all!

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Jen said...

Busy, as usual it sounds like!