Sunday, June 6, 2010

A look forward and another one back

Part I

I'm one step closer to our next unit which will be Ancient Greece. This time, we are using a lapbook study from In the Hands of a Child as the basic unit. I am curious to see how this goes. We will also learn a little bit of Modern Greek (as opposed to ancient.) If this unit captures my kids' imagination, we will use this approach more.

The only lapbook I have ever done is one on pirates which my son loved. We did a few of their Scout badges via the lapbooking route too. Because they take so much of my time to create them, I haven't pursued them as I probably should have so I'm willing to pay someone else to do the legwork for me.

When I ordered the unit, I purchased 3 premade kits but I'm hoping I can cancel that order. I'm too hands on to let someone do that much of the work for me especially when they include all the templates in the project pack! If I can't, I'll know better next time! Or not, if it doesn't work as well as I hope. They have a download option which I took for the project pack. I will be adding some assignments of course, and we will be doing some additional reading---The Illiad and The Odyssey come to mind---at least for my sons, but I fully expect this will go very well.

Part II (Follow-up to my last post)

The Notebooking study worked okay, although not as well as I had hoped. It's a little too sit-down and write for my kids to have fun with it. I think I'll probably work it into a lapbook study and it will go more smoothly and with fewer complaints.

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