Sunday, June 13, 2010

What happened?!

I'm going to stop blogging about what we're doing because it seems to curse us for a course change!

Seriously, we are going to be doing Ancient Greece, but life has been getting in the way. It may have to wait until August or September.

One item down: belt rank test. My sons have taken their black belt test and now await their results, given next Saturday at Nationals. My daughter has taken her blue belt test and likewise awaits her results.

Second item for the summer: Eagle. One last stinking merit badge and 2 projects (1 per boy).

Third item: Map out the American Government class I'm teaching at co-op next year. Moving has never looked so good!

Overriding goal: Math. Math. And more math. Yeppers. That one's happening and has not been derailed. Math-u-see. Got it at e-Bay--all the way to Trig via the older VHS curriculum. We have VHS capability and I'm all about getting it cheap! It is going well even with the other interruptions.

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