Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Just looked over my last blog post and realized I haven't progressed at all on most of those goals except one.


We're going fast and furious on it, and the kids are progressing well. That's about all I have to report. Most importantly, we still like the Math-u-see program. We're doing about a unit a day---given that he recommends taking a week or more on each, we're doing well. It's not a 15-minute a day item though. Normally I wouldn't suggest doing it this way but we have a really tight timetable and the kids are getting it.

Scout merit badge: Citizenship in the Community: Only 2 things to complete. Yes!

American Government: I don't like the text so this is not going to be easy.

Ancient Greece: Might be put on a longer hold. I really want to do U.S. History. It has been a few years since we covered that, and then it was mostly colonial and Revolutionary War with a little Constitution as well as Civil War. The boys learned about World War I and II last year, but there is a bit in between.

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