Friday, December 7, 2007

Don't forget donations!

Today I nearly completed my annual task. Organizing and putting clothing and other things in bags to take to the Goodwill. Actually, I try to do it throughout the year, but it seems there is always more in December. Maybe that's because that's my last desperate attempt to make space and get a tax write off at the same time.

I know many other women have blogged about the benefits of donating items you have been collecting around the house. Here's another one. I seem to be into lists, so I will list why I like to donate goods to charitable organizations.

1) When my boys were little (like 1-2 years), all of their toys that we bought came from Goodwill. I still bless the person who donated Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

2) Shopping at Goodwill is really easy. When I pay such a small sum, I don't agonize over my choice. If my kids want something, it's no big deal to buy it.

3) Tax write off. There is almost nothing that pays off as much or as easily as charitable donations. It is totally amazing to me how much charities credit things we can't/don't use or want anymore. Forget garage sales. We had one of those once. Made about $75. Later, we gathered everything together and dropped off what they said was worth about $450. And I got rid of stuff I didn't know what to do with.

4) The warm fuzzy feeling that comes knowing I'm doing something good for others. Now to get the last bunch boxed up and sent over . . . .

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