Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Really fast note

Just wanted to leave a quick note before I start my day. Yesterday we met for co-op and learned about spiders (arachnids). To wrap up, the kids got to make some cute crafty brown recluse spiders.

Scratch that picture idea. My camera batteries died.

They made a string web which I don't have a picture of, studied some poetry, and learned some more about insect metamorphosis. Next week it's my turn to teach. I'll be hitting more of the Language Arts/Writing angle. Surprise, surprise!

After that, we went shopping. The boys only desperately needed some new pants! My daughter found a Halloween costume. Normally I believe in waiting until the last possible second so as to get the best possible sales, but this time I was a softy.

Last weekend, my boys got several medals at the NPTA Nationals. The only drawback was that they competed against each other so both couldn't take the gold. J-Dawg won a gold and bronze medal. The gold entered him in the Grand Champion for the Youth Male Underbelt competition. Men and women compete separately, and underbelt are those ranks under black belt. Steven was edged out of the grand championship round by a tiebreaker with his brother, but he won 2 silver medals of his own!

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Mrs. Darling said...

I havent even begun to think about Halloween. I suppose it is about time. Sounds like your co-op went well. I love co-op day....when its not at my house. LOl