Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For what it's worth, here's my philosophy on education:

I have a responsibility to provide the opportunities my children need to learn that which is important for them to know. I have a responsibility to teach them the concepts they must understand. I have a responsibility to answer their questions at times and direct them to the answers at other times.

I do not have a responsibility to learn the stuff for them. That is my children's responsibility.

More importantly, I do not have to accept any blame for their unwillingness to study and learn their assignments. (Assuming of course that it has been presented in a way that they can grasp the concepts.)

So . . . as of today, I have created a system of charts to help them track their own progress and make sure that they progress in a timely fashion. The reward is that they will be able to do extracurricular things if they get their stuff done. "Stuff" refers to both household chores and schoolwork. They get it done, they get to do their own thing. They don't, and ...... oops.

If everyone completes their stuff in the week, they get a movie or computer time.

Bribery. It works. Much more pleasantly than yelling and screaming.


Barbara Palmer said...

responsibility and accountability! Two words that teach children so much more than just "how to"! I would like to know if your system works and what it is! Good luck & happy peace!

3 for school said...

Time, it's the acid test isn't it?