Saturday, September 27, 2008

Math switcharoo

I am extremely thankful that I didn't throw out our Mortenson Math materials when we moved. I nearly did. Then I almost did again last spring when I was cleaning. The third time was a couple of weeks ago when I was reorganizing our art supplies and scrapbooking drawers. Thursday I pulled them out again and said, "Ah, hah!" It is exactly the approach we need toward math, a Montessori way of learning. For two days running, my kids have thanked me for those books. They love math presented that way! Phenomenal!!! Granted, the books they are working right now are easy for them because it is a review, but it is teaching a whole different approach and habits toward math so it is necessary. Besides, it is showing them (for the first time in their lives) that they are good at math! That's worth a little bit of review. I was amazed at how quickly the boys remembered stuff when presented with these books again, but the best part was that it has evoked pleasant memories, not the typical groaning and complaining. Score!

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