Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economic mess (added postscript)

I just got this information from a friend's email. I think it makes a lot of sense and has a better chance of working without passing off penalties and ugly ramifications to our children and grandchildren. It came from Dave Ramsey. If my link didn't work, you can find it at: I like this because there is accountability attached without an idiotic $700 billion debt to break American tax payer's backs over.

The final note regrets that this is not going to be an easy thing politically because certain individuals/party is going to say that it benefits the rich. As Ramsey points out, that is true, but (my words here) when was the last time most of us were able to do something of large magnitude for the country. I believe the best thing we can do as a people is to make it attractive for the "rich" to put their money in places where it can benefit the most number of people. They are, after all, taking a risk. To me, that is a duh! If I have a child that doesn't want to do his homework and I have something that he wants, would I be wiser to use that as an incentive or threaten a whipping? Which would be more effective to cause a better learning environment that would be more likely a positive emotion toward that subject?

Please read the link!

P.S. I forgot probably the most important part about the email. Point 1 was to pray for our leaders--whether we like them or not. Pray that they will resist the spirit of fear and act in wisdom. They need it, no matter who they are. I think praying for Americans everywhere for that same blessing would be a good idea too. Fear is powerful, but faith is more so. And faith reaches better results.


Jen said...

I think at least part of the problem the problem is that politicians aren't economists and they are only interested in solutions that will get them elected and give them credit for something good in the very short run (in time to get reelected).

Dave Ramsey has good ideas, as far as very basic financial awareness, but I can't stand his arrogance so I don't read his stuff.

3 for school said...

I have to admit that I've never heard Dave Ramsey live so I have no idea what his persona is like.

I agree that it would be so very nice to have a businessman or three in the government! Second best choice is to have people who are listening to people with proven financial savvy. Hence my pick of Mitt Romney who has a track record of turning companies around. . . hopefully McCain is listening to him?