Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A renewed goal

It has been an eventful week! I'm sorry for not being a little more regular in my posting. I have missed reading blogs and reporting in about some things we are doing.

The dog has adjusted to not having the boys around although I think he'll be delighted to have them back. We all know now whose dog he is!

The other day, my mother-in-law called to tell us to call anytime we wanted to. I guess the boys have been a little homesick. I've wanted to call, but my hubby kept saying that we need to give them space. We know they are safe so we need to let them go a little bit. It's nice to know they still need us though.

My daughter is playing dress up with her brothers' old clothes. She just came out wearing some pajamas they had when they were little. The long pants were shorts, and the shirt that hit their hips barely made it to her waist, but they were on. It was a surprise to turn around and see them on her---brought back many memories!

It has been nice to have time to just work with her on her school work though. We have cruised through her workbooks! Normally she drags her feet about doing them (okay, she wasn't thrilled to do her math!), but she did a bunch! My dream is to spend at couple of hour s a day one-on-one with each rather than always working with them as a group. Specifically on their workbooks. It doesn't sound that hard to accomplish, does it? Throw in all the other things we do though, and it gets well nigh impossible! Somehow I'm going to get closer to it next week though. That's my goal!

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