Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day of co-op

Tuesday was our first day of our new co-op. The kids were all a bit worried/anxious/scared to go, but they loved it once they got there. The spirit there was so good: an eagerness to learn. Sure, the older kids tried to play it cool, but they obviously had no problem with completing the homework assignments.

My own kids came home jazzed! They were all abuzz with telling about their day and the things they had learned. Steven was especially excited about his Medieval History and World War I classes and could not stop talking about them. He wanted to know if he could read the Uncle Eric book about WW I book that I just bought.

Jewell felt very important telling about her classes and her homework. The idea of having homework was awesome to her, and she related the details of her experience.

James was just on a different plane. He was totally happy with the whole experience.

Me? It was a good day, but I've got my work cut out for me to prepare eight lessons on Famous Americans for 2nd graders. Discovering Great Books is going to be fun too. My most spiritual class, though, was with the "Walkers". You know, the children who are upwardly mobile but still not very old. I had the distinct impression that I was holding some of Heavenly Father's most special spirits.

It was a good day!


Jen said...

That's great they had such a good first day! That can really color the year.

3 for school said...

You're right, Jen. It can! Our previous experience with a large co-op wasn't so good, and we made it halfway through the year.