Thursday, August 27, 2009

We call it incentives

So far I'm on schedule for the year. The changing ideas/curriculums schedule. We've been going for about a month and some things that were not on the calendar (like finishing merit badges so the boys can get their Eagles) are gaining priority. Interestingly, some of them are working into their core learning plans (good phrase, huh) very nicely.

Core learning plans. In the next few days, I will be recording all the things I think the kids should learn this year with the things I anticipate will be coming available in our community to begin our core learning plans. A checklist of sorts. Then I will sit down with each one to find out what they want to learn about. I already know Jewell wants to learn about the circulatory system. Then I'll categorize them into major groups: Math, English grammar, writing, reading, history, social studies, science, P.E., music, art, etc. so when it comes time to make out progress reports, I'll have a cumulative score to record on a boring report card. Just for the state.

James just told me he has a need for a report card that he can show to someone else---his taekwondo master---so he can get patches up his leg on his uniform pants for good grades. Sounds good. Better blackmail too. He'll work harder for a patch than a letter on a piece of paper. Right now, the boys are busy reading because they have a report due tomorrow if they want to go camping/wakeboarding this weekend with the Scouts. We call these things incentives, not blackmail. :-)

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Glad it is going good for you!