Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lending libraries

Lately I've been volunteering at the local homeschooler's lending library. It is a really great thing that a local homeschoolers' association has put together, and they even have a place to put the library. A local church has allowed them to use the attic of an old building they have. It has truly been a blessing to the homeschooling community.

In Kentucky, the association we belonged to had a lending library like this, but it wasn't nearly as big, nor did it have a permanent dwelling place unless you call boxes permanent.

When I first went to the lending library here, the attic was extremely hot and stuffy; now they have air conditioning and more books. They are still struggling with organization issues though. Reminds me of our home library........

Still, it has been a huge blessing for us this year. I have had to buy very few books thanks to them. Because they are a non-profit, charitable organization, I have also donated lots of books back! (Tax deductions, you know.)

Being a book fiend, I have to buy books though. It's the stuff of life!

P.S. Why do I always come home tired? Is it because I stand the entire time, and the lighting isn't terrific?

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