Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teacher planning day

You know that beautiful public school creation called teacher's planning day?

Today was one. There were tickets to buy to see the Ahn Trio next month, emails to send, emails to read (only 36 more to go), blogs and forums to catch up on, merit badges to sew on, merit badges to work on (personal fitness almost done), history reading to complete, headlines to read, and public schools to notify.

The kids? The boys watched the History Channel's program called Navajo Code Talkers, worked on their Personal Fitness logs, and went to TKD and weapons training. Scouts tonight. Steven went for a lengthy bike ride before I got up this morning. (I need to get up earlier!)

Shaundra worked on an educational computer program, watched a movie, and is building something with K'nex now. The two of us will go to TKD tonight.

For being unproductive, some things were accomplished after all.

P.S. Shaundra just brought in the Eiffel Tower built out of K'nex.

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