Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Done and to be done

Here's my checklist of completed items:

  • Organize all the books. My family room floor was literally covered by books, but the job is done. They are separated by subject (or sets) and the American colonial period books are in one area. Reference is in one area. Civil War and Westward Expansion have their own area. Encyclopedias and Story of the World books are out of my bedroom so the kids don't have to go in there for them.
  • Make Shaundra's skirt. Already shared that.
  • Created daily schedule which we aren't following yet.
Today's Completed List:
  • Finished mowing L's lawn. Raced to get it done this morning before the storm arrived.
  • Directed other son to do our back lawn. It hasn't been mowed in two weeks. Started to rain, but I insisted that he finish it. (He didn't do it when S-man and I headed over to L's house like he was told to do so I wasn't sympathetic.) However, I stayed outside and weeded while he did the lawn.
  • Talked to the roofer who came to investigate why we still have a small leak (that has only leaked once.) He is baffled. Said to call him when it did it again and he would come look at it. Terrific. It only did it when it rained torrentially for several hours and there were several tornadoes in the area. Like I'm going to call him out then! He's too nice a guy to make him take that kind of risk.
  • Chopped down all the shoots coming from very healthy tree roots. We cut down the tree last year because of an ice storm but have not been able to get the stump ground.
  • Saw flowers peeking through the shoots. Weeded and cut around them. Looking better although that garden is not weed free yet.
  • Sent other son out to mow front lawn. Another stump out front is trying to duplicate itself in like manner, but it is surrounded by lawn, not flowers. That translates to highly mowable.
  • Rebuilt the slate-like rock border around the front flower garden. Then weed the grass out of the flower garden the rocks encircle. (I hate, detest, despise weeding.) Maybe I'll break my own code and use Round-Up to get the grass to back off. (I also despise those slate-like rock borders because they tend to need to be rebuilt often.) Check. I didn't resort to Round-Up. I shrank the rock border so there's not much bare dirt anymore. I'm hot, dirty, and itchy. I think I ran into some poison ivy. The stuff is prolific hereabouts. Definitely put here to torment man (and woman).
Now for the Outside To-Do List:
  • Finish weeding the area in back I already started so it looks really good. At least for a week. Rebuild its rock border and shrink the garden area (and the weeding area) while I'm at it.
  • Tackle the other flower beds that I prefer to ignore because I don't know which ones are flowers and which are weeds. Vines tend to grow in there too, and I have a hard time identifying the poisonous ones, but my skin reacts regardless.
  • Cut down the volunteer tree growing right by the foundation of the house. I'll save that for my hubby. While he's at it, maybe he'll cut down the Japanese-style one that got nailed by the late frost. After a year, it still doesn't look too healthy.
I used to be better at staying on top of this. Of course, I used to have a yard the size of a postage stamp too. You know, the one that took about 30 minutes to mow? This one takes about 2 hours.

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