Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nightmares and bugs

I have not been getting enough sleep lately! This was confirmed when I headed off to bed for a nap after church and dinner. I woke up a little later with a nightmare about slimy worms and bugs coming out of nowhere. After trying to stomp them out and having them split in two and slither off in different directions, I started spraying them with Raid. Particularly some pink/red ones that appeared near my feet. It didn't work---at least not as promised on the can. These things were apparently pesticide eaters and they grew bigger. And bigger. And bigger! Until they looked like full-size, deadly crab-like critters. Did I mention slimier?

I hate slime. I hate bugs.

I think I've had enough bugs (and Raid) for a lifetime.

P.S. Unrelated topic: Check out Life on the Planet's We Need to GO! post. Then google gas tax for some interesting articles. I'm with her. Lower fuel costs translate to lower costs overall and certainly a good way to put us back on the road again for field trips.

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