Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Books, and lots of 'em

I have finished six books since last Friday. I am seriously grateful that I can, but I'm just as seriously ready to lay aside all books for awhile. At least the rest of the week. Yesterday, I reclaimed the living room, vacuumed it, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. I also pulled off the register and air intake covers and vacuumed them out. No small task. The ones in the dining room were choked with dust, cobwebs, etc. I don't know that they have ever been cleaned! Their covers screw on and so they are a little tough to remove. I also pulled off the registers in the boys room and the bathroom.

After that, I changed all the sheets in the house and washed them and two blankets. Last thing I did was to sweep out under the boys' beds (fishing out all the dirty socks and so forth), and start the laundry. I got two loads hanging on the line last night. Since no rain was forecasted, I let them hang all night. Can I say I'm loving line dried clothes?! I got the rest of the laundry done today, and the last load is waiting to go outside.

My next major task is to clean out the office area. It shows that we were in and out most of last month with not much time home---just enough to mess up the house. I cannot find anything so it is time to clean! By Friday, I'm hoping to have gone through most of the house and cleaned and organized it. I have been dreading the office though. Too much stuff.

The family room is next. I have been dreading that too. I don't really know what to do with that room. Too many purposes for one small room. It's the dog's room, library, school room, TV room, file room, scrapbook room---all at once. It isn't that big!

By Monday, we will be back into school. We still have lots to cover before we call this year finished. Especially in history and math. The boys need to do much more writing too, but that is ongoing.

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