Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm ready to move on!

Hello! I think this week, or the first half of this week, will go down as "LeeAnn's Disasters". Hopefully it is done with and I have learned what I need to learn so I can move on!!! I am definitely ready to move on! I guess the blessing is that this too shall pass.

On the upside, we have resumed piano practicing. May's field trips as well as my draining energy wreaked havoc on our schedule. I am slowly coming back, I hope (one reason for the disasters was related to my seeming inability to make good decisions or at least take enough time to gather information). My latest was scheduling for a crappy driveway job that was not on the docket for a repair. True, it needed one but I never choose a contractor that fast! I know better. Now we have to get them to do a much better job than their initial attempt.)

A schedule of sorts is formulating although punctuated by rest periods for me. Dog Lover is enthused about reading aloud to me because she can get a free book at Barnes and Nobles if she reads 8 books. We also got the first set of Hooked on Phonics (for free!) and it got her going again. I think she has been surprised at how well she really can read. She also decided she was ready for another piano lesson, and that jump-started the piano. My boys are excited about the B&N reading program for the same reason.

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