Thursday, June 21, 2007

Driveway done!

The driveway has been redone! I would probably hire the father part of the team again, but definitely not the son. The father made it right, and I suppose the driveway fix was worth it! I cannot move my car though. He came while I wasn't watching so it's stuck in the garage. For a mere $2000, he would redo the driveway. I'll pass, but I would consider using him if we ever do that.

He has built the curb in front of the garage up enough to stop all but the worst of flooding. In other words, all bets are off if a tornado comes into the area and the wind sweeps the rain in from the street. Sixty to 70 mph winds are not to be messed with! It would stop some of it, I think though. It should stop our typical downpours from coming in, though.

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