Friday, June 1, 2007

It feels like summer!

Somewhere, we have crossed into summertime. Not that you would know it by the weather. We have rain, rain, and more rain on the horizon. Now that we are done with our nature trips, it is hard to settle back into a "school" routine. Today is being very quiet. It started with a thunderstorm and rain pelting down and me remembering I didn't get the garbage out. Argh! The boys slept way in, which was nice. I had time to get my day together.

Dragon and Monkey just finished practicing the piano. I haven't sat down with either of them much in the last few weeks---Monkey occasionally but Dragon hasn't had a lesson in probably a month. Oops! They are both progressing, however, and Dragon has new things to work on now. Monkey got a bunch of new songs from his teacher; hopefully we will make a lot of progress this summer so he is in the next level by fall when his lessons resume. That shouldn't be hard to do.

Sister Dog Lover gave the boys a science kit so I think we'll be doing that some today. It's Friday---more of our "fun" day than studious. Then hopefully I will get my quilt square put together that is due tomorrow. I got it cut out this morning. The boys want to make their coonskin caps that they received too.

Dragon and Monkey received two more of the Five Ancestors books, and they have had their noses buried in them. Every so often, they'll read an excerpt aloud that they think is exceptionally good. Last night, I finally decided to read them to find out if they are any good. I mean, really, I'm buying the silly books. I ought to know if they're worth the read! So I binged it, starting about 10:30 last night and going to bed after finishing Book 3 at about 4:30 this morning. They're pretty good, but I think the author is milking the series for all it's worth! The story line in the first 3 is basically the same but follows the first 3 individuals who are named after the tiger, monkey, and snake. Each book adds a few details and then finishes with a totally new event. They have become masters of their "animal's" type of kung fu. They all split up after their "temple" is raided and the monks destroyed. The 4th book is about the crane. It is a new release so we'll probably wait to buy it until it comes out in paperback so they all match. Hopefully they won't wait too long, although they have definitely priced it much higher than the previous three! Obviously it is a popular series! :-)

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