Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have now made it to Isaiah in the KJV Old Testament! I am thrilled!!! I have read many of the individual books in the OT before and I know the stories and history covered in the Old Testament, but this is the first time (including seminary) that I am actually reading it cover to cover! At times, it has been hard going, but other times it has been tremendously fascinating!

It helps that my kids and I have been studying Ancient History in school for the last year. Things are coming together for me with both going at once. I believe another reason the OT has been so much easier to understand is because I am reading the Book of Mormon alongside it. Okay, so I've read the Book of Mormon several times since beginning the OT. It's a much easier read, but it brings the Holy Ghost in so that I understand the OT so much better!

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