Friday, October 12, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

My What Works for Me: That'll Teach Them is a little late. It's only Friday, after all!

I stumbled across a wonderful way to "remind" the kids that things like teasing are not acceptable. It's push-ups. Whenever the kids don't pay attention or something else in taekwondo, they do push-ups. So I'm copying. The boys have to do push-ups whenever they tease (a big problem in our home lately!) I'm not sure it's achieving the desired end as quickly as I had hoped, but I think it's working.

A nice side benefit for them is that they are building up their strength. They can do a lot more push ups than they used to do. (I am increasing how many push-ups they have to do for each infraction. Ten push-ups don't faze them anymore.) If they argue, we tag on 10 more each time they resist. Today, "Dragon" raised his by arguing to 50 and then finally realized it would be to his benefit to get it done! Smart boy! "Monkey" doesn't have to do push-ups nearly as often anymore, and he never argues about it.

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