Saturday, November 15, 2008

End of the week

Shaundra's eye is doing better. I think the bruising will be gone by Monday. Ice packs the first day and homeopathic Arnica frequently have been doing the trick. My hubby took a picture last night after she went to bed. Hopefully I'll get it posted by Monday.

I froze 8 or 9 bags of sliced apples today. We bought them a couple of weeks ago, but I've been dreading canning them. So I didn't. I froze them. It went quickly, and we have far more freezer space than shelf space these days. I've been working on solidly filling my pantry shelves for awhile now. Too bad we have to keep eating the stuff, or it would fill even faster! :-)

Too freeze them, I sliced them as I wanted them in a pie, tossed the slices with Fruit Fresh, shoved them in freezer bags, labeled the bags, and dropped them in the freezer. Couldn't have been easier!

Grateful to have that done, the freezer almost full, and a warm furnace. It feels like the Arctic circle outside with the wind knifing through a body! (I hung out a load of laundry, and they dried thanks to the wind!)

The wind is also taking care of the leaves that never got raked up. So sorry to whatever neighbors ended up with them. The kids jumped in them many times though so hopefully they'll compost well on whoever's yard got them. (Gotta find the humor in there somewhere or I might cry.)

Oh, yeah, J-Dawg actually hit the books today. I think mentioning the new workbook got him excited. That or Dad's chat with him about getting his work done.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Wow it sounds cold there! Its a lovely thing to have a full pantry. You go girl!