Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Onward and School's OUT for today!

I listened to Barack Obama's speech last night and was very impressed at how he did exactly what he needed to do in that speech. He is an incredible speech maker and has such a powerful energy. What he will do (esp. with a Dem Congress) sickens me, but I'll bet he will become a very popular president.

On the other hand traditional families were reaffirmed, for which I am grateful. Abortion was not defeated which saddens me greatly. Someday way off in the future, we will understand what we did.

And now off to other things.....

I am not feeling well so I'm hoping to hold it together long enough to get through school time. I thought it was allergies, but I think (and am almost hoping) it is something more like a cold. My throat hurts so read-aloud time won't happen today. Naptime will. ;-) Hopefully J-Dawg is better today. He sounded better sleeping.

UPDATE: After 1/2 carton of strawberry Haagen-Dazs ice cream, I feel slightly better. But. . . school is out today. So if anyone drives past my house and sees my children out playing, that's because school is out for the day. So don't condemn me or homeschooling! (For the record, I seriously doubt that the public school is having much luck with formal education today. The energy level is too high.) My children are outside playing in the leaves, however, and having an absolutely fabulous day away from "sick" germs!

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Paula said...

I can't count the number of days I spent in public schools learning nothing. I'm glad your kids get to enjoy the leaves!
Feel Better soon.