Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Great Depression

We are done with the Great Depression, and I am relieved. Very depressing study. I was going to do more study on my own, but I can't face it. Thankfully the books for next year are much lighter.

Onward. The boys are working on papers about the 3 kingdoms of Korea, required before they test for their purple belts. In other words, it is due today!

This month they are all reading Stowaway from Mushroom Planet and writing a science fiction story of their own on an assigned topic--no gravity, no trees, and reverse global warming. They will also be creating some kind of graphic model like a diorama or something else pictorially about something in the book.

Additionally, S-man is reading Johnny Tremain and will be writing a report following one of several models about it. J-Dawg has Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.

The boys have an additional incentive to finish their workbooks by December so they can earn Christmas money.

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