Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December begins

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did. It was nice to have the whole family home, including Jim. He was determined not to go into the office, and he kept that promise until later Friday. For Thanksgiving, I baked 1 cherry, 2 chocolate pudding, 1 apple, and 1 pumpkin pie. I think we finished them all off yesterday. Mmm.....maybe there is one more slice of apple pie in the refrigerator.

Jim and I went shopping to atypical stores on "Black Friday" and got our major Christmas shopping done. This year, I believe we have "hit" it with just a few presents. I am soooo excited to have them open them. Quantity we'll not have, but quality we will!

The boys took their purple belt test on Saturday and did mighty fine! S-man was on fire! Normally he gets nervous but seems calm. This time his movements were executed with a punch! Both were exhausted when they finished. Guest judges came up from Arkansas and they had a hard time telling the boys apart (important when you are judging!) The local black belts said, "You think it's hard now? Wait until they begin!" The boys tend to work at the same rhythm---even with their eyes closed.

Jewell just competed in a tumbling medal meet---and won a medal. Considering they didn't have long to practice their routines, she did very well. She needed a little help about halfway through, but she remembered it better than anyone else. She loves gymnastics! This week she'll have two classes because it was canceled for Thanksgiving last week.

On the school front, the boys are finishing their American Heritage Publishing workbooks as fast as they can! Christmas money is on the line. I don't usually bribe them with money, but they need Christmas money anyway....

My exciting news is that I just finished the Old Testament. I'm ashamed to admit that I have never completely read the Old Testament all the way through before now. Even in Seminary when I was a teenager. I was truly amazed at how addicting it was. I really enjoyed it. Sure, there were parts I slogged through, but the wisdom I learned was amazing. Things I had always been taught were there; I found them for myself! The last several prophetic writings were especially hard hitting for me---where it talks about the importance, and hence the condemnation heaped on the people, for failing to observe the Sabbath day, build and attend the temple, and pay tithing. Those prophets wrote much of the last days, so much as to engage my attention completely.

So there you have our last couple of weeks in a nutshell!

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Jen said...

You've been busy! I was just reading that your boys finished their workbooks too. Jordan just finished a level on piano, and he's sooo proud. I'll have to think of some sort of interesting reward to surprise him with.