Friday, November 7, 2008

Miscellaneous and pictures

I'm sure it is more than allergies! As miserable as allergies are, this is far worse!!! On the up side, I am on the mend! If I could just stop coughing to prove that. . . . Of course being as stubborn as I am, I won't go to the doctor.

Due to a chilly night last night, I purchased my daughter some flannel sheets from Sam's Club and pulled out a quilt for her bed. Her room gets downright cold! The boys were fine; their room stays warmer.

My sister has been in the hospital but is now out. She missed the election because she was so ill that she could not breathe. She is extremely prone to pneumonia. She sounded extremely weak, but I'm grateful she's on the mend. She was flabbergasted when she asked the nurse if there was something nutritionally she could be doing to help her stay well (this is #3 this year), and the nurse said no. That's why I struggle with doctors. She wasn't asking about once she gets sick, she was asking about preventative measures. They didn't even suggest drinking more water (she was severely dehydrated). When medical science can start looking at all approaches without being threatened, they will become more helpful again. (Thank goodness she has a very good nutritionist friend who is helping her now that she is home.)

My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the GM losses. I think it's time to wrap my head around cleaning out everything we don't need and go donate it all to Goodwill. Somebody may be able to use what we aren't!

Here are some things we have been doing:

Here is a picture of the outline we made for the judicial, legislative, and executive branch responsibilities per the Constitution.

A close-up of the Judicial branch responsibilities:
The Executive branch responsibilities:
Here's part 1 of the Legislative branch responsibilities. These shows the unshared House of Representatives responsibilities vs. the Senate's responsibilities.
Here's the chart of their shared responsibilities:
We also learned that anything not enumerated by the Constitution was specifically prohibited to the federal government. Hmmmmm.

It's definitely not all work and no play around here. Here's a recent MSU game we attended. My daughter took these pictures.
Their band:

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