Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heavy heart

My heart is heavy tonight. Barring a miracle (CA swinging red?), Republicans are in very nearly the same position that the Dems were in 8 years ago. McCain just barely lost the popular vote. My heart hurts. It doesn't help that I knew it could very well happen. At least the popular vote is close--at least, so far. There are so many moral issues that really matter that are being lost. Can we gain the Lord's blessings if we turn our backs on such issues?

On a pragmatic issue, I am very concerned for the possible specters that are rising for homeschoolers as I watch the political landscape changing. I am curious as to how the demographics are playing out. I am grateful that Missouri seems to be staying red although it is still very close. I am praying for the Lord's peace and protection on our family and likeminded families. He will not turn his back to us; we would have to do that.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Im with you. Our state of Oregon wasnt even up for grabs to the Republicans. Its always gone Dem.

I too wonder what happens to our rights to school our kids. Its scary.