Monday, April 2, 2007


So far today, the kids have all practiced the piano, we have learned a little Bible history, and the kids have made "art constructions." Dragon and Monkey are earning their Artist badge, and this was a requirement.

Dragon has also drawn an outdoor scene for his Artist badge. Monkey is working on his. Dog Lover did one, but she drew it on another picture's page so she is redoing hers. (We're going to frame these pictures so they need their own page.) We'll make frames tomorrow for Craftsman. I think we'll turn it into a measuring activity so it will count for math.

Tonight, Jim went over the blueprint for his company's new offices with the kids and explained each page of it to them. They were fascinated and had a lot of questions. Then he reviewed occupational options for various types of engineers and architects. That satisfied our Science element and also accomplished two more goals in the Engineer requirements for Webelos. He used to be an architectural draftsman so he was qualified to do it for the Webelos badge.

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